————————————————— Daily Essentials ——————————————


We are here to serve the essential items like Milk, Curd, Water at your door step. Once you make a request we will serve your requirements daily at morning 06:00am – 07:30am and at evening 05:00pm – 08:00pm. And the Service charges will be Increased by 2 rupees on MRP. The payments will be processed in two way’s.

  1. Daily payments.
  2. Weekly Payments.

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                                          ————————————————— Iron and Laundry Service ——————————————

Iron and Laundry

Iron and laundry services are provided from us, After placing the order our  executive will pik-up the order and it will be delivered with in 48 hrs.

Pik-up and Delivery timings

Morning 08:00 am – Evening 08:00pm. The payments will be collected after the delivery of your Cloths.

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—————————————————————–Home-Workers ———————————————-

Cleaners|Kitchen Makers|Watch man’s|Laundry

We are Providing a un Assumed Service, sending the Workers based on given riquirements. The hole Responsibulity of the Workers Can be taken by us. Our workers will ware an uniform and id card with them. Payment Modes:

  1. 15 day’s Payment.
  2. Monthly payments.

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——————————————————————————-Home Repairs ———————————–

Home Repairs

We are able to serve better in your home repaires (Plumbers, Electriations, Carpenters, Painters and many more…), While searching the workers on outside simpley post your requirements by using our site. Our team will give a call with in an hour and know about your repairs. And we are providing the Labours.

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